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Timothy Frye on “Post-Soviet Social”

Timothy Frye has a review of Post-Soviet Social in The Journal of Interdisciplinary History.

“Collier’s treatment of Russia’s neoliberal experience in Post-Soviet Social is a subtle and empirically grounded conceptual discussion of neoliberalism that invigorates a debate that has became rather stale. Rather than take the easy path of accepting neoliberalism as a coherent doctrine backed by corporate interests to gut the state, Collier borrows from Foucault’s methodological orientations and paints a much more complex and convincing picture of neoliberalism in practice, with all of its contradictions and compromises on full display….Without a doubt, the debate about neoliberalism has been highly politicized, divorced from its intellectual roots, and stripped of empirical analysis in recent years. Collier’s work provides just the right approach to advance the discussion.”