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Other Writing

Working Papers

The Political Ontology of Catastrophe: Inventing the Vulnerable Society, 1953-1958” (2011) International Affairs Working Paper 2011-09, The New School, New York

On Vital Systems Security” (2009)(with Andrew Lakoff) International Affairs Working Paper 2009-1, The New School, New York

What is a Laboratory in the Human Sciences” (2006)(with Andrew Lakoff and Paul Rabinow). Berkeley, California: Anthropology of the Contemporary Research Collaboratory

The Spatial Forms and Social Norms of ‘Actually Existing Neoliberalism’: Toward a Substantive Analytics” (2005) International Affairs Working Paper 2005-04, The New School, New York

Local Welfare Regimes, Fiscal Crisis, and Institutional Change in Post-Socialist Georgia” (2004) National Council for East European and Eurasian Research Working Paper, Washington D.C.

Magazine Articles

“Introduction: Public Infrastructure/Infrastructural Publics.” With Antina von Schnitzler and Chris Mizes. Limn 7: Public Infrastructure/Infrastructural Publics.

Rebuilding by Design in Post-Sandy New York.” With Savannah Cox and Kevin Grove. Limn 7: Public Infrastructure/Infrastructural Publics.

The Bombing Encyclopedia of the World.” With Andrew Lakoff. Limn 6: The Total Archive.

Introduction: Ebola’s Ecologies.” With Andrew Lakoff and Chris Kelty. Limn 5: Ebola’s Ecologies.

Introduction: Systemic Risk.” With Andrew Lakoff. Limn 1: Systemic Risk.

System Vulnerability and the Problem of National Survival.” With Andrew Lakoff.


Reassembling the Social: An Introduction to Actor-Network TheoryContemporary Sociology 38(1), 2009.