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Other Writing

Working Papers

The Political Ontology of Catastrophe: Inventing the Vulnerable Society, 1953-1958” (2011) International Affairs Working Paper 2011-09, The New School, New York

On Vital Systems Security” (2009)(with Andrew Lakoff) International Affairs Working Paper 2009-1, The New School, New York

What is a Laboratory in the Human Sciences” (2006)(with Andrew Lakoff and Paul Rabinow). Berkeley, California: Anthropology of the Contemporary Research Collaboratory

The Spatial Forms and Social Norms of ‘Actually Existing Neoliberalism’: Toward a Substantive Analytics” (2005) International Affairs Working Paper 2005-04, The New School, New York

Local Welfare Regimes, Fiscal Crisis, and Institutional Change in Post-Socialist Georgia” (2004) National Council for East European and Eurasian Research Working Paper, Washington D.C.

Magazine Articles

Trump’s Fictional Crises and the Real Threats to American Democracy.” With Andrew Lakoff. The New Republic. February 8, 2017.

Introduction: Public Infrastructure/Infrastructural Publics.” With Antina von Schnitzler and Chris Mizes. Limn 7: Public Infrastructure/Infrastructural Publics.

Rebuilding by Design in Post-Sandy New York.” With Savannah Cox and Kevin Grove. Limn 7: Public Infrastructure/Infrastructural Publics.

The Bombing Encyclopedia of the World.” With Andrew Lakoff. Limn 6: The Total Archive.

Introduction: Ebola’s Ecologies.” With Andrew Lakoff and Chris Kelty. Limn 5: Ebola’s Ecologies.

Introduction: Systemic Risk.” With Andrew Lakoff. Limn 1: Systemic Risk.

System Vulnerability and the Problem of National Survival.” With Andrew Lakoff.


Reassembling the Social: An Introduction to Actor-Network TheoryContemporary Sociology 38(1), 2009.