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Limn Number 3: Sentinel Devices

Issue Number Three: Sentinel Devices

The polar ice cap rapidly recedes; colonies of honeybees collapse in alarming numbers; androgynous fish are detected in rivers and streams. These reports not only describe recent events, but also function as signs of an ominous and rapidly encroaching future.

In this issue of Limn we focus on how this future makes its appearance in the present. Many of the threats we now find most alarming-climate change, environmental radiation, emerging disease, endocrine disrupters, toxic chemicals-are not immediately perceptible to human senses. We rely on non-human indicators, whether animals or detection devices, to alert us to their possible onset. Such indicators can be thought of as sentinels, or heralds of an approaching danger.

Contributors:  Hannah LandeckerDidier Torny and Emmanuelle FillionSara WylieAnn KellyVanessa ManceronJoanna RadinChristelle GramagliaEmmanuel DidierLyle FearnleyFrédéric KeckAndrew Lakoff,Sophie HoudartAdriana PetrynaChloe SilvermanEtienne BensonBaptiste MonsaingeonJerome Whitington,Naomi Oreskes