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Vital Systems Security and “Governing Emergencies” in TCS

At long last the print version of “Vital Systems Security: Reflexive Biopolitics and the Government of Emergency“, my article in Theory Culture and Society with Andrew Lakoff, is out along with the rest of the special issue on “Governing Emergencies“, edited by Peter Adey, Ben Anderson, and Stephen Graham. It’s a terrific collection of articles.

Introduction: Governing Emergencies: Beyond Exceptionality–Peter Adey, Ben Anderson and Stephen Graham

Vital Systems Security: Reflexive Biopolitics and the Government of Emergency–Stephen J Collier and Andrew Lakoff

The Theology of Emergency: Welfare Reform, US Foreign Aid and the Faith-Based Initiative–Melinda Cooper

Cybersecurity, Bureaucratic Vitalism and European Emergency–Stephanie Simon and Marieke de Goede

Future Emergencies: Temporal Politics in Law and Economy–Sven Opitz and Ute Tellmann

Governing Inflation: Price and Atmospheres of Emergency–Derek McCormack

‘Crowded Places Are Everywhere We Go’: Crowds, Emergency, Politics–Claudia Aradau