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Limn 6 — The Total Archive

The 6th issue of Limn — The Total Archive — is available online. Andy Lakoff and I wrote a piece for it on The Bombing Encyclopedia of the World, an attempt by the US Air Force to create a database of all the bombing targets of all possible combatants in a future war, including the United States.

The list of contributors to this issue is awesome: Miriam Austin, Jenny Bangham, Reuben Binns, Balázs BodóGeoffry C. Bowker, Finn Brunton,Lawrence Cohen, Stephen Collier, Vadig De Croehling, Lukas Engelmann, Nicholas HA Evans, Fabienne Hess, Anna HughesBoris Jardine, Emily Jones, Judith Kaplan, Whitney Laemmli, Andrew Lakoff, Rebecca Lemov, Branwyn Poleykett, Mary Murrell, Ben Outhwaite, Julien Prévieux, and Jennifer Reardon.